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Here are some of my best 2D works seen below to introduce my work style

Great Fighbird
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Virus Buster Serge - Erika Chinen (SP mo
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Captain Power - BioDread Masters
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Triple Galvatron threat
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Challenge at sunset
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Digital Matte Painting section

Consisting of some of my fave pieces including Transformers' related pieces which  pays tribute to Masterpiece Reanimated on Youtube by Optimus Timelord.

Grimlock powering up

Grimlock powering up

Grimlock,in a galaxy far away,is powering up for a big brawl.

Weaponizing kings

Weaponizing kings

Deep in the hangars of the Decepticons' base, there are weapons yet to be used but when the time's right,they'll be unleashed to wreak havoc upon the land!

Triple Galvatron threat

Triple Galvatron threat

In another time and place, Galvatron teams up with other sides of himself in order to defeat his enemies.

Honey the Pretender

Honey the Pretender

Galvatron's Revenge

Galvatron's Revenge

Galvatron,enraged by his numerous defeats is glowing with an enormous aura of power!

It's either you or me!

It's either you or me!

Grimlock,the dinosaur robot in the distance is now approaching Galvatron (the robot in the foreground) to have their confrontation concluded.

Spaced Out (Wallpaper Contest)

Spaced Out (Wallpaper Contest)

Made as a contest piece for Deviantart's Space Challenge last year - either between September till November,I'm not sure of the month but it urged me to try something different with Digital Matte Painting. I didn't win but I learned quite a few things from that experience.

Holding a Paintbrush

Magic Plate

A digital Matte Painting I've done as one of my works in my final year in MAGES. This was based on Mars expedition.

Warrior Within

Warrior Within

A giant is among us! Let loose our greatest warrior to fend him off. If he falls,we'll fight the beast till the very end!



Cloud City - Different from what you know,this city has the biggest skyscrapers that reach almost to the atmosphere in order for people to look above the world. Here,technology allows them to soar through the skies above in our Cyberjets.

Rodimus vs Galvatron Anime Ver Screensho

Rodimus vs Galvatron Anime Ver Screensho

A world Above

A world Above

There are cities above ours which we know..the future is filled with lots of possiblities.

Mountain Aflame

Mountain Aflame

This was one of my digital matte paintings during my stent in the finalyear of MAGES - Institute of Excellence. Made to manipulate images to make a volcanic explosion.

Paint Cans


This was piece during my final year in MAGES while I was learning how to change an image from day to night.

2D Artwork

This encapsulates my love for 2D animation from the 70's - 90's whether manga and anime or comics,etc.

Great Fighbird Obari style

Final form of the main robot from Fighbird Brave Fighter of the Sun

Radical Racer - Lestie Heim Geheimnis Pr

Bio of Lestie who was meant to be a foil character. Think Racer X from Speed Racer. Made for a contest held by devart.

Umi Ryuuzaki

From the anime and manga - Magic Knight Rayearth Among one of my favorite characters in the show due to her being a confident and quite sass character

Majin Vegeta redraw

Redraw of a cutscene from the Playstation game Dragonball Z Ultimate Battle 22

Son Karin

Son Karin from the video game and franchise - Voltage Fighter Gowcaizer

Garzack (With tone)

A character from Machine Robo Battlehackers whom I really like the design and his character. His toy by Bandai was supposed to come out in 1987 but didn't due to..problems.

Sayori Geki

An original character I made with the intent of being a one-woman show. She trains day and night till the age of 20 when an evil force breaks loose. Cocky and temperamental but not without her respect for life itself. May have a hidden power inside.

Ryuga (Shinohara) - The Fighter

My original character who was meant to be the tough as nails and master of incomprehensible snark and insensitivity though she has restraint when it comes to crossing the line. Well-versed in ninjutsu and mixed martial arts.

Hurricane Honey (shin 1) hair down

My favorite form of Cutie Honey. The intent of giving her a little sass while also looking good in what she does. That's the name of her game.

Radical Racer - Lestie Heim Geheimnis Ac

The 3 personas of my original character made for a deviantart contest.

Asuka Kazama 90's (Evening)

Asuka Kazama was my fave character in Tekken. I really hope she appears solo as a guest in other fighting games tbh. Her story in Tekken 5 was left unfinished in my opinion.

Radical Racer - Trinex Blitzkrieg

Descriptions of the car design of my original character. I based it off of the hero's combined car from Kamen Rider Drive which was consisted of 2 bikes to get an understanding on how to make a bike into a car.

Soaron and Blastaar

The 2 Bio-Dreads from Captain Power and the Soldiers of the Future

Rest-Q 3-4 view (Colored)

Rest-Q/Ambulance Robo from Gobots/Machine Robo His vehicle mode drawn for a client

Rest-Q 3-4 view (Lineart)

Lineart of Rest-Q's Vehicle mode

Loco 3-4 view (Colored)

Loco/Steam Robo from Gobots/Machine Robo I made a vehicle model for a client who only had the characters' robot chara model but not the vehicle mode.

Loco 3-4 view (Lineart)

Lineart for Loco from Gobots


Quintessential villain from Captain Power and the Soldiers of the Future


Ground Guardian drawn in the style of Shinya Ohira and Masami Obari from Captain Power and the Soldiers of the Future

Ryuga's Super move

My original character - Ryuga,a skilled warrior puts her fighting skills to the test.

Nova (Manga Colors) - Grey Digital Targe

A character from the Yoshihisa Tagami manga 'Grey'. She's the token tough girl.

La Seine No Hoshi

One of the many underrated anime characters from the 70's but she was only popular in countries like France and other European countries. Her stories was based on real-life events called 'The French Revolution'. Though some keen eyes prefer to call her a female Zorro which I dig.

Maria Grace Fleed Obari Style

Another Maria Grace Fleed shot by me. My fav girl in the Grendizer cartoon.

Abdulla the Slaver

Based on a character from the video game - Cannon Dancer/Osman for arcades. Produced by the same minds who gave us the Strider arcade games by Konami.

Golden Warrior Iczer-1

Based off the Toshiki Hirano manga of the same name and it got localized in the 90's by Antarctic Press. Though the story goes unfinished sadly. I placed Iczer-1 in a dark background and since she was a brightly colored character,she'd be weaken by the darkness but a ray of hope shines upon her which is the sun which gives her much hope. Pretty much sums up what happens in the OVA and this manga.

Maria Fleed on the roof

Redrawn from a sketch I did with her when I was a teen. One of the later characters in the Grendizer anime from 1979. Her original sketch can be seen in the link below.

Generations of Femme Fatales

A mix of Jun the Swan from Gatchaman,Saber Rider's April Eagle and MMPR's Pink Ranger

Machine Blaster - Robocules

This is a tribute to Masami Obari's art-style. Based of of a robot called Robocules from the 70s anime - Machine Blaster.

Graphics an' logos

Graphic Designer

Battlehackers logo 2
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Battlehackers logo
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Iczer 2 logo
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Spawn logo
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Wolverine logo
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Iczer Robo logo
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White Unicorn logo
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Iczer Robo Mk 3 logo
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Dreamcast logo
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Following below will be a series of videos I've done

Entering the video zone...

Why this 2D Art Gallery endeavor?

by ZZ the Dark

My alias is ZZ the Dark but friends call me by Zaki. I had dreams and aspirations of becoming an animator ever since my final years in what you guys call 'high school'. I enrolled in the private establishment of MAGES Institute of Excellence around September of 2016 and gained not only a Diploma of Animation but an Advanced Diploma in Animation as well past 2018. I'm proficient mostly in drawings as well as Motions Graphics Animation and still learning things till this day.

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